Celebrate the Milestone of Senior Year with Sparrow Studios

Your senior year is a culmination of memories, achievements, and growth. It’s a time to celebrate, to reflect, and to look forward to the future. At Sparrow Studios, we’re passionate about capturing these pivotal moments, ensuring you have a tangible memory of this significant chapter in your life.

Choose Your Perfect Package:

  • Package 1: The Essential
    • Up to 1 hour of shooting
    • 10 professionally edited images
    • Price: $350
  • Package 2: The Premium
    • Up to 2 hours of shooting
    • 20 meticulously edited images
    • Price: $450
  • Package 3: The Deluxe
    • Up to 3 hours of shooting
    • 30 carefully curated images
    • Price: $550
  • Package 4: The Ultimate Experience
    • Up to 4 hours of shooting spread across multiple sessions (date booked is for the first session)
    • 40 expertly crafted images
    • Price: $650

Every session with Sparrow Studios is more than just a photoshoot. It’s an experience, a celebration, and a reflection of who you’ve become. Our goal is to provide you with images that not only capture your essence but also tell the story of your senior year.

Book Your Session today and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime