Gift Cards

Discover the perfect gift with Sparrow Studios’ electronic gift cards, an ideal surprise for your loved ones for any occasion. Whether it’s a family session, a headshot, a dance or maternity shoot, or even a senior package, our gift cards open the door to a world of memorable photography experiences.

Upon purchase, the gift card will be delivered electronically, providing a seamless and eco-friendly gifting experience. From capturing joyous family moments to encapsulating the beauty of personal milestones, the recipient can choose the service that resonates most with them.

To ensure your peace of mind, a confirmation of the gift card purchase will be promptly sent to your email address. This way, you can be certain that your thoughtful gift has been successfully arranged.

With Sparrow Studios’ gift cards, give more than just a gift – offer a treasured experience, a memory captured in a frame, a story told through the lens of our professional photographers.

Mini Family Photography Session

Experience the charm of Sparrow Studios’ Mini Family Photography Session, designed to capture your family’s spirit in a delightful, condensed format. In a 30-minute session, we’ll create vibrant memories that echo the love and connection within your family.

For $250, this session offers 10 expertly edited digital images, each one portraying your family’s unique dynamics in an artistic light. With print release rights included, you have the freedom to transform these digital treasures into tangible keepsakes.

Full Family Photography Session

Immerse your family in the magic of Sparrow Studios’ Full Family Photography Session. Capture timeless moments with a comprehensive 1-hour session, skillfully tailored to encapsulate your family’s unique charm.

The session, priced at $350, includes 20 meticulously edited digital images, artistically reflecting the warmth and affection among your family members. Moreover, with print release rights, you’re free to transform these images into enchanting prints that you can cherish forever.

Embark on a delightful journey of creating memories with Sparrow Studios, where every click celebrates your family’s bond.

Headshot Photography Session

Step into the spotlight with Sparrow Studios’ Headshot Photography Session. Tailored to accentuate your personality and professional image, this 1-hour session allows you to make a powerful statement through our lens.

For $250, receive 10 expertly edited digital images that showcase your unique persona and instill a sense of confidence and authenticity. Additionally, we provide print release rights, empowering you to use these impactful visuals as you wish.

With the option to change outfits during the session, you can experiment with different looks that best represent your personal and professional identity.

With Sparrow Studios, create striking headshots that make you stand out from the crowd.

Senior Photography Session

Embrace your milestone moment with Sparrow Studios’ Senior Session Packages. We offer a range of tailored experiences designed to capture your unique style and spirit during this pivotal stage of your life.

Package 1: Priced at $350, immerse in up to an hour of shooting and receive 10 professionally edited images. This package is ideal for those seeking a compact session that encapsulates their individuality.

Package 2: At $450, enjoy up to 2 hours of shooting time, with 20 artistically edited images as the outcome. This package allows more time for varied poses and expressions, resulting in a more diverse photo collection.

Package 3: For $550, extend your session to up to 3 hours, receiving 30 beautifully edited images. This package is perfect for seniors desiring a comprehensive portfolio of their personalities and interests.

Package 4: Our premium package, priced at $650, offers up to 4 hours of shooting spread across multiple sessions. Walk away with 40 expertly edited images that truly showcase your journey and transformation. (The date booked is for the first session.)

Celebrate your senior year with Sparrow Studios, where we specialize in making your momentous occasion unforgettable.

Maternity Photography Session

Celebrate the joy of motherhood with Sparrow Studios’ Maternity Photography Session. We capture the glow and grace of your journey into motherhood, creating timeless images that reflect this extraordinary phase of your life.

Priced at $350, this 1-hour session offers 20 beautifully edited digital images that resonate with the love and anticipation that comes with expecting a baby. With print release rights, you have the freedom to print these treasured images, making them part of your family’s visual legacy.

Experience the art of maternity photography with Sparrow Studios, where we turn your moments of transition and expectation into images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dance Photography Session

Unleash your rhythm with Sparrow Studios’ Dance Photography Session. Designed to capture the fluidity of your movement and the power of your performance, this 1-hour session brings your dance journey into focus.

At $250, this session offers 10 masterfully edited digital images that embody your artistic expression and passion for dance. Print release rights are included, allowing you to transform these dynamic visuals into printed art or portfolio pieces.

We accommodate outfit changes during the session, enabling a variety of looks that enhance your dance styles. And for those wanting an extra edge, we offer the option to hire a dance instructor for posing guidance at an additional $60.

Step into the spotlight and let your dance story unfold with Sparrow Studios, where we translate your dance into lasting imagery.